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  • Keynote at Primetals Digitalization Kick-Off

    Together with Susanne Summereder (LIMAK), IFI professor Matthias Fink was invited to give the keynote at the Digitalization Kick-Off held by Primetals for their global task force in Linz in early June. In the presentation Suanne and Matthias highlighted the crucial role of a digital mindset for unlocking the potential of the new technologies and […]

  • New MBA at the LIMAK Austrian Business School

    IFI professor Matthias Fink and LIMAK program manager Cornelia Kepplinger designed the new executive education program „Digital Economy and New Business Development“, which was launched in autumn 2017. Due to the high demand this Global Executive MBA will be offered in two cohorts each year. “Digitalization is like a strong storm that firms face. The […]

  • Keynote at LIMAK-Digital Economy Summit 2017

    At the Digital Economy Summit, the LIMAK Austrian Business School presented the results of a survey investigating into the potential of digitalization in Upper Austria. The data was collected from more than 200 participants of an online survey and 20 interviews, both with CEO’s and members of managing boards. The keynote speaker at the summit […]

  • Die Presse: Interview on digitalization

    IFI Professor Matthias Fink talks about the chances and challenges of digitalization for Austrian Managers in the front page article in the Saturday supplement focussed on education and career in one of the leading national newspapers, Die Presse. Besides key thoughts on digitalization and practical tips for managers, Matthias stresses the need for life-long learning […]

  • OÖN Stipendien in Kooperation mit LIMAK

    Die Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten und die LIMAK Austrian Business School vergeben gemeinsam zwei Teilstipendien für den MBA und IN.TENSIVE Zertifikatslehrgang Innovation and Product Management im Gesamtwert von 12,900,- Euro. In einem Markt des Überangebots können nur Unternehmen bestehen und wachsen, die sich konsequent durch innovative Leistungen von ihrem Mitbewerb abheben. Die Innovationskraft von Unternehmen stellt einen […]