Global Business ACT students at historical memorial site Mauthausen

As learning about business and culture are closely related, gaining insight in Austria’s history is important for Global Business students. Therefore, ACT students visited the memorial site Mauthausen on the 11th of March. The visit to the former concentration camp was an opportunity to be confronted by one of the darkest chapters in human history. They learned about the Nazi regime, the construction of concentration camps, and the brutal day-to-day life of the inmates. Even though documentaries on that topic often are informative, while walking through the barracks and standing in the shadow of watch towers one experiences the weight of history. As for some students it was the first time at such a site, they were attentive to all details. Some of them found it interesting how Austria portrays its own history. This visit was special for the Global Business students, as they could witness the importance of learning from history.