Exciting insights into the Mondi, Voestalpine and Brewery visits with our Global Business Students

Beyond theoretical knowledge Global Business Master students have the opportunity to visit modern and interesting companies and gain first-hand practical insights into their operations. The series of visits started on March 10, with Mondi, a prestigious company in the sustainable paper and packaging industry. It begun with an informative introductory presentation, followed by a delicious Austrian lunch. In the afternoon, the facility tour through the production plant was concluded by Mondi’s sustainability department. They presented the company’s action plan concerning their sustainability goals until 2030. In a lively discussion students had the chance to address their questions concerning Mondi’s sustainability efforts. The next day, students visited the famous steel-based and technology group company Voestalpine. The visit was a mesmerizing adventure composed of a guided tour to the Voestalpine Stahlwelt where they gained fascinating theoretical insights about the production. Afterward, a bus was taking the students around the plant so they could witness the magnitude of producing high-quality sheets made of steel and the overall process of steel making. Finally, the Global Business Team organized a tour of a well-known local beer company, so the students were able to visit the Freistädter Brewery in the heart of Upper Austria. After a relaxing walk through Freistadt, followed by a delicious traditional lunch, the students were introduced to the art of brewing as well as the unique business model and organizational company structure of Freistädter Bier. During the tour of the production facility the students had the chance to experience the brewing process and in the end, indulged in professional beer tasting. This article was written by Pascal Pascher (PAC 2021-22) and Andrea Izaguirre (TROIKA 2021-22), comment added by the authors: It was a pleasure for us to accompany our colleagues and expand our knowledge of Austrian companies!