Virtual farewell Global Business – Year 2020-2021

No unexpected challenges – such as travelling restrictions, online classes, and increased uncertainty -could hold back the courageous Global Business Master students (2020-2021) from successfully accomplishing their international phase in the Joint Global Business Master Programs. In the end of August, the final and most recent closing event of the international year 2020-2021 occurred in the PAC program. After remotely working together for about 2.5 months with their Peruvian corporate clients` PAC students presented the excellent outcome of their consulting projects online.
Despite growing some grey hair along the way, the partner universities and their students gained invaluable experience while mastering challenges together.

The Joint Global Business Master Program did not only rise to the occasion but provided its students with outstanding guest lectures, exciting virtual tours, and a truly unforgettable learning experience. The program management at JKU thanks all the partners, students, guest presenters, and company representatives for the fruitful collaboration and great endurance throughout these turbulent times!