Seminar: New developments in entrepreneurial process research

IFI professor Matthias Fink gave a keynote “Understanding Stress in Entrepreneurship” at the international paper development seminar focused the entrepreneurial process hosted by Francisco Liñán at the University of Seville, Spain in early April this year. Other keynotes were given by Ute Stephan (King’s College London), Marco van Gelderen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Francisco Liñán (University of Seville) and Juan A. Moriano (UNED).

The entrepreneurial process is a “hot” topic attracting increasing attention from researchers and PhD students around the world. More research in this topic is matched with increasing opportunities for publication in entrepreneurship journals, as well as in Special Issues in wider Business or Management journals. However, the competition for publication is fierce and crafting a perfectly rounded manuscript is essential to increase the chances of getting any paper accepted for publication in such outlets. The aim of this Seminar was to help participants develop their research results into papers that may be fit for publication in top‐tier academic journals. Participants had the opportunity to present their research to the audience. They not only received general feedback from other participants, but also specific comments and suggestions from the panel scholars and keynote speakers.

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