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    Prof. Chris Ivory

    Chris Ivory is a Professor of Organisation and Technology at Anglia Ruskin University. He holds a PhD from Manchester University on Innovation in Construction. Chris has a written about technology change, technology and work, innovation, the role of the client in innovation and project management for leading journals including the British Journal of Management, Planning Theory, Long Range Planning, R&D Management and Construction Management and Economics. He has also recently co-authored a Routledge book on Managing Complex Projects (2013).

    Chris has a strong background in funded research. He has recently completed a €1.5 million European Union Interreg project looking at technology change in healthcare in the UK, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. He is currently co-investigator on a €400,000 follow-on from this project exploring the support available for innovative SMEs seeking new heath and care opportunities regionally and internationally.

    Chris has also led on research for British Gas examining the role of mobile communications and diagnostic technologies on gas engineers’ working practices and has worked on large ERDF and EPSRC projects examining innovation in complex projects.

    He is currently also working with Cambridgeshire Police on a consultancy basis supporting their benefits realisation programme for a large ICT system. Other ongoing research interests include the diffusion of Building Information Modelling in the UK construction industry and business school strategy. Chris was an AIM Scholar working on business school strategy.


    Johannes Kepler University Linz
    Altenberger Straße 69
    4040 Linz, Austria

    Institute of Innovation Management (IFI)
    Managementzentrum, 3rd floor
    Room: MZ 302B

Publications: Chris Ivory

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