Isabella Hatak

  • About Isabella

    PD Dr. Isabella Hatak, MSc

    Is_HaIsabella Hatak is Associate Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship at NIKOS, University of Twente. She holds a postdoctoral qualification (venia legendi) and a Ph.D. from the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business as well as a MSc in coaching and organizational development and a MA in international business studies.

    Isabella’s research focuses on the value-creating interplay of opportunity-seeking and advantage-seeking behaviors in the course of creating a new organization (e.g. mature entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial stress/burn-out) and within existing organizations (e.g. management innovation, trust-based interorganizational cooperation, entrepreneurial behavior in academia). The behavior of the individual entrepreneur and the influences upon that behavior are clearly at the heart of her research along the entrepreneurship process.

    Isabella has published several contributions to peer-reviewed journals (e.g. Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Business Ethics, Family Business Review, Technological Forecasting & Social Change, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Journal of Economic Psychology). For her research, she received several awards such as the JSBM Editor’s Choice Award, ICSB Best Paper Award, COMS Best Paper Award, WU Top-Journal Awards, and the Dr. Maria-Schaumayer-Prize.
    Moreover, Isabella is an academically certified systemic coach, HR developer and organizational consultant.


    Johannes Kepler University Linz
    Altenberger Straße 69
    4040 Linz, Austria

    Institute of Innovation Management (IFI)
    Managementzentrum, 3rd floor
    Room: MZ 303B



(Selected) Journal Publications

  • Hatak, I., Kautonen, T., Fink, M. & Kansikas, J. (2016). Innovativeness and Subsequent Family-Firm Performance: The Moderating Effect of Family Commitment. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 102: 120-131.
  • Rauch, A. & Hatak, I. (2016). Human Resource Management in Small and Medium Sized Firms: A Meta-Analysis of the Relationships between Different HRM Practices and Firm Performance. Journal of Business Venturing, 31(5): 485-504.
  • Hatak, I., Lang, R. & Rößl, D. (2016). Trust, Social Capital, and the Coordination of Relationships between the Members of Cooperatives. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 27 (3): 1218-1241.
  • Hatak, I., Harms, R. & Fink, M. (2015). Age, Job Identification, and Entrepreneurial Intention. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 30 (1): 38-53.
  • Kautonen, T., Hatak, I., Kibler, E. & Wainwright, T. (2015). Emergence of Entrepreneurial Behaviour: The Role of Age-Based Self-Image. Journal of Economic Psychology, 50: 41-51.
  • Hatak, I., Floh, A. & Zauner, A. (2015). Working on a Dream: Sustainable Organizational Change. Review of Managerial Science, 9 (2): 285-315.
  • Hatak, I. & Rößl, D. (2015). Relational Competence-Based Knowledge Transfer within Intrafamily Succession: An Experimental Study. Family Business Review, 28 (1): 10-25.
  • Hatak, I., Fink, M. & Frank, H. (2015). Business Freedom, Corruption and the Performance of Trusting Cooperation Partners: Empirical Findings from Six European Countries. Review of Managerial Science, 9 (3): 523-547.
  • Weismeier-Sammer, D. & Hatak, I. (2014). Succession in the Family Business: Challenges for Successors from an Entrepreneurial Perspective. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 15 (4): 279-284.
  • Hatak, I., Kautonen, T. & Fink, M. (2013). Senior-Unternehmertum. Empirische Evidenz aus 27 europäischen Ländern. Die Betriebswirtschaft, 73 (1): 7-26.
  • Fink, M., Harms, R. & Hatak, I. (2012). Nanotechnology and Ethics: The Role of Regulation versus Self-Commitment in Shaping Researchers’ Behavior. Journal of Business Ethics, 109 (4): 569-581.
  • Fink, M., Hatak, I., Schulte, R. & Kraus, S. (2011). Verträge, Vertrauen und Unternehmenserfolg in Automobilclustern. Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, 63 (7): 689-710.

(Recent contributions to) International Conferences

  • Hatak, I., Rauch, A., Fink, M. & Baranyi, A. (2016). Business Start-Up, Burn-Out, and Start-Up Success. Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Bodo, Norway, 08.06.-11.06.
  • Hatak, I., Rauch, A. & Baranyi, A. (2015). Entrepreneurial Motives, Working Conditions, Burn-Out Symptoms and Firm Performance. 2015 AoM Annual Meeting. Vancouver, Canada, 07.08.-11.08.
  • Hatak, I., Rauch, A., Fink, M. & Baranyi, A. (2015). Doing Well by Being Well: The Interplay of Physical Well-being, Burn-Out Symptoms and Firm Performance of Necessity-, Rationality- and Opportunity-Driven Entrepreneurs. Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Boston Park, USA, 10.06.-13.06. (selected for FER)
  • Rauch, A. & Hatak, I. (2015). The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship: Applying Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory to Explain Entrepreneurial Behavior. Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. Boston Park, USA, 10.06.-13.06.
  • Rauch, A. & Hatak, I. (2014). Managing Human Resources Successfully in Entrepreneurial Firms. Rencontres de St. Gall 2014. St. Gallen, Switzerland, 01.09.-03.09.
  • Hatak, I., Fink, M., Rauch, A. & Baranyi, A. (2014). A Framework to Study Start-Up Conditions, Burn-Out and Start-Up Success. 2014 AoM Annual Meeting. Philadelphia, USA, 01.08.-05.08.
  • Hatak, I. & Hyslop, K. (2014). Prerequisites for Cooperation between Family Businesses of Different Size: A Case Study. IFERA Annual Conference. Lappeenranta, Finland, 24.06.-27.06.
  • Hatak, I. & Weismeier-Sammer, D. (2014). Trust in Inter-Family Firm Cooperation: A Case Study. IFERA Annual Conference. Lappeenranta, Finland, 24.06.-27.06.
  • Rauch, A. & Hatak, I. (2014). Human Resource Management in Entrepreneurial Firms: The Impact of Different HRM Practices on Performance. Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference. London, Canada, 04.06.-07.06.

(Recent contributions to edited) Books

  • Fink, M., Hatak, I., Lang, R. & Maresch, D. (2016). Entrepreneurship Research without Passion: Let’s fall in love again. In A. Fayolle & P. Riot (eds.), Rethinking Entrepreneurship: Debating Research Orientations. London: Routledge, 171-178.
  • Fink, M., Maresch, D., Hatak, I. & Lang, R. (2016). Entrepreneurship Research with Passion: A Note on the Aesthetics of Basic Research. In H. Landström, A. Parhankangas, A. Fayolle & P. Riot (eds.), Challenging Entrepreneurship Research. London: Routledge, 19-34.
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  • Rößl, D. & Hatak, I. (2014) (eds.). Kooperationen, Netzwerke, regionale Entwicklung – zwölf Fallstudien. Vienna: Manz.