Welcome PAC!

On the 3rd of April 2024, the new international students embarked upon their first day at the JKU campus. This special day started with an introduction, during which the students got to know key figures such as Vice Rector Mag. Alexander Freischlager, Program Director Prof. Dr. Robert Breitenecker, Program Manager Edit Juhász, teaching faculty representative Marcella Krawinkler and the student assistants of the Joint Master’s degree program in Global Business. Following the welcoming speeches, students gained insights into their upcoming class schedule and the cultural nuances surrounding punctuality, which is an important aspect for the diverse cohort. An exciting agenda item included the allocation of students into working groups, wherein they would collaborate on deliverables and an entrepreneurial project over the ensuing three months, concluding in a formal pitch presentation. After the theoretical discussions, student assistants led a campus tour, highlighting key locations such as seminar rooms, dining facilities (Mensa, Teichwek, dasKuyo etc.), social hubs (Ch@t cafe), sport facilities (gym) and the library and learning center. A highlight of the tour was the ascent to the 13th floor of the TNF-tower, offering panoramic views of the campus and its surroundings. The beautiful landscape, the campus is located in, greatly impressed the students. Especially the beach volleyball courts and the Pleschinger lake, surprised the students and awoke the desire to explore the recreational areas.

Two days later, the students had the chance to participate in a guided tour of Linz, visiting prominent landmarks including the Hauptplatz, Mariendom, and the old cathedral, enriched with historical insights. They also seized the opportunity to ask questions about Linz and its history. Despite the tour ended after 1,5 hours, the enthusiastic students independently explored nice cafes, bars and other secret spots the city offers.

Overall, the atmosphere after the first week was very positive, with students expressing satisfaction about the successful completion of their Canadian term and eager anticipation for their Austrian experience ahead. From the next week onward several different courses such as Global Leadership and Cultural Intelligence, Business Planning and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems are awaiting the students, involving guest speakers and some excursions.