The MGB ACT Student Life – Beyond Borders and Books

Welcome to the world of the Global Business ACT students. Besides participating in academic activities, this international group comes together in their free time as well to immerse themselves in experiences that extend well beyond traditional education.

One of the most exciting aspects of the MGB students’ life in this program is, of course, the opportunity to travel. Beyond merely being a leisure activity, traveling teaches valuable life skills such as planning, time management, and adaptability. During the breaks between the three international periods in Canada, Taiwan and Austria, the MGB ACT students use the time to explore new cities and discover unfamiliar environments, all while effectively managing their academic responsibilities.

Cultural immersion is another highlight of this master’s program. While the class content prepares students in the best way possible for international careers, they also actively participate in cultural events during their free time. For instance, invitations to students’ homes to get together, share music, food, and stories from their home countries, demonstrate the global diversity this program offers.

Moreover, sports play a significant role in fostering team spirit and teamwork among the MGB ACT students. Whether it’s a friendly game of football or a competitive round of bowling organized by the students themselves, these activities strengthen a sense of community. Through shared victories and defeats in sport, students develop important social skills and lasting friendships with people from all over the world.

Furthermore, language learning is a significant part of the Global Business program. By participating in the every-day-life within the three different countries, the students get to know local communities and polish up their language skills. While strolling through lively markets or having small conversations in restaurants and bars, students can experience the global aspect even more intensely.

All in all, the Global Business student life is much more than spending time in the classroom and working on assignments and projects. Balancing academic commitments and leisure activities teaches students to master time management, flexibility, personal growth, cultural exchange and building life-long relationships – that is the foundation of this program.

Photo Credit: MGB ACT´23/24 student group