Gernod Beckhuis

  • About Gernod

    Dr. Gernod Beckhuis

    Gernod primarily focuses on Digital and AI Transformation, specifically in developing new business models in prominent international organizations, and currently holds the position of Senior Manager in the Strategy & Consulting department at a global consulting firm. Gernod previously served in similar roles at two Big Four companies and the most prominent European software vendor. His expertise spans the leadership of large international digital transformation projects and strategic planning, design, and implementation of digital business models.

    In addition to his professional experience, Gernod is actively engaged in academic pursuits. Gernod has a Dr. in Economics at Johannes Kepler Universität and has earned an MBA in Digital Economy from the same institution. Furthermore, he holds a Master of Science in Leadership from the Hernstein Institute and a Master in Economy & Politics from the Universität Münster – all four degrees with honors.