Visiting Hallstatt with the Global Business Master students

Aside from touristy cities such as Vienna or Salzburg and countless sky-resorts that a small country, Austria can offer, a village of around 700 inhabitants gained its spot on tourists´ world maps. Therefore, the MGB students were given the chance to visit and learn about the touristic model and significance of that small, rural village. The mayor welcomed the students in his office and answered their questions about chances and problems that come with being such a massive tourist attraction. He told, the number of visitors grew yearly up to the COVID pandemic.  He explained the challenge of managing the increasing inflow of tourists while keeping the village attractive for its inhabitants so they do not move away. Afterwards students explored the village and took pictures at famous photo locations, such as the cemetery with its popular “Beinhaus” where you can take a look at painted skulls and the salt mine. The trip successfully provided a great experience and valuable insights into Hallstatt´s unique touristic situation.