“IFI project funded by the ‘Zukunftsfonds’ of Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour was a great success!”

The Corona pandemic also brought new tasks for the employees in Upper Austrian companies. Innovative, entrepreneurial solutions were in demand. This is exactly what was offered at the newly developed workshops of the IFI, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. The Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour covered half of the costs of this project with its “AK-Zukunftsfonds”.

“The project funded by the ‘Zukunftsfonds’ was a great success. The approximately 100 participants from a total of 17 medium-sized companies were able to develop innovative ideas for their work areas during the training. After the workshop, they also showed significantly higher levels of innovativeness, proactivity and willingness to take risks. In the future, the participants will focus their thoughts and actions more on questioning routines in their own work areas, actively identifying innovative and creative solutions to challenges and advocating for the implementation of their proposals”, states IFI professor and project leader Robert Breitenecker.

Andreas Stangl (Chambour of Labour) and IFI professor Robert Breitenecker