First Global Business PAC Master students earn their degrees

The Global Business Team congratulates the first global business PAC graduates! In 2019, the third Global Business track PAC was established at JKU together with our partner universities in Peru (Pontificia Universidad Católica Del Perú, PUCP) and Canada (University of Victoria, UVIC). Moreover, the established double degree agreement between PUCP and JKU offers the opportunity to complete a second degree at the respective other university. Around 2 years later, the first students successfully completed the program. JKU student Alexander Zöttl enjoyed his time in the PAC program: “After two intense years of education, both at JKU, abroad and in the virtual world (thanks to COVID-19), graduation is almost incomprehensible. Although another chapter in our lives is coming to an end, we are now looking forward to the next stage enriched with all the impressions, experiences and knowledge we have gained.” Maria Angelica Silva Puente Arnao, the first Peruvian student to complete the double degree at JKU: “This challenging international program gave me the invaluable opportunity to be exposed to people from different countries, backgrounds and realities. Real life is not only about having the cognitive knowledge but the emotional is the most important if you want to be a good mentor and leader, not just for others but for yourself as well.” The Global Business Team is looking forward to more rewarding PAC experiences in the near future.

Credit: Zöttl