A lecture with Alice Uhl about the work of youngCaritas

On April 26th, the students of our joint study program Global Business PAC experienced an exciting lecture with Alice Uhl, head of youngCaritas Vienna. The students could learn about the work of Caritas and youngCaritas specifically and gain some insight into the background and projects of the NGO. While Caritas was founded by the catholic church, its work is open for everybody regardless of their religion, political orientation, gender, or nationality.

Alice Uhl explained that youngCaritas targets children, teenagers, and young adults aged four to 29 years old. Moreover, our students could learn that its sphere of action is not limited to Austria alone but that it spans the whole globe. The two main tasks are educational work such as social education and workshops in schools or youth centers as well as voluntary work which aims at supporting young people to become active in society. Alice Uhl also gave practical examples of their work and introduced projects such as LaufWunder, LeseWunder, Letters against isolation, actionPool, or the Schulstartaktion. Our master’s program Global Business PAC brings together students from diverse nationalities to study in Peru, Austria, and Canada and learn about the different cultural and business contexts. As not all students were familiar with youngCaritas before, there was a lot to talk about with Alice Uhl. We would like to thank her for taking the time to give our students an understanding of the importance of the work of one of the biggest NGOs in Austria and wish her all the best for their projects.