Global Business students get to know Vienna and Kaiserschmarren

Traveling is a crucial part of almost every student’s plan when studying abroad. Whether it is traveling to one’s host city, traveling to course-related trips, or perhaps traveling on weekends and holidays to visit new cities, places, and people. Although what happened in the last 12 months has interfered with many plans forged by our Global Business TROIKA students, the possibilities of the internet have offered solutions to overcome some of the challenges posed by the pandemic.

On Wednesday, the 17th of February, our TROIKA students experienced a live virtual tour of the city of Vienna. Tour-Guide Susanne welcomed the students at the “Ringstraße” with a beautiful view of the Vienna State Opera. The students followed Susanne via stream on her tour through the first district of the Austrian capital city. While listening to Susanne’s both exciting and funny stories about various historical moments of Vienna, the group “walked” to famous sights like Volksgarten, Heldenplatz, the Imperial Palace Complex and St. Michael’s Square. After about 90 minutes, the vivid virtual tour had come to an end in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which could also be admired from inside for a moment. Subsequent to the virtual guided tour, a Kaiserschmarrn – “Mastery Class” complemented an exciting journey to Vienna. After all, our TROIKA students enjoyed an exciting afternoon. Even though it was not possible for them to travel to Vienna during the Austrian term of the Global Business program, this event had again increased the desire to come to Austria and experience Vienna and other places personally. Let’s hope that the students will soon have the opportunity to do so!