New book on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

IFI-researchers Matthias Fink, Richard Lang and Daniela Maresch have co-authored a book on “Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Rural Europe” with Routledge publishing house. It reflects on strategies and practices of rural social enterprises, broadening the understanding of the conditions for social innovations in rural Europe. By applying network and field theoretical approaches, the book explores how rural social enterprises deal with different field logics and use their position as intermediaries to mobilize resources in different domains. The book is based on a long-term field research in different European countries during the EU- funded research initiative “RurInno” which included intensive conversations between practitioners and researchers. The authors create an empirical knowledge base for contextualized future interventions that tap the potentials of social enterprises in marginalized rural Europe.

Richter, Ralph; Fink, Matthias; Lang, Richard; Maresch, Daniela (2019). Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Rural Europe. Routledge Studies in Social Enterprise & Social Innovation. ISBN: 9780815379973

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