Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice – An Editor’s Backstage Insights

IFI guest Professor Andreas Rauch provided insights from his vast experience as an editor of the top ranked journal Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ET&P). The room was packed with experienced scholars from Australia, Asia and Europe that perceived ET&P as a much desired outlet for their research. The session was especially useful for the international audience because Andreas provided a glance behind the curtains of how the journal is run, the philosophy of the editors and the recommendations that result from it for authors submitting papers to ET&P. These insights for sure enhance the 6% chance (2018) of submissions to be published after the rigorous peer-review process. The session also demonstrated how valuable it is for faculty members to have editors accessible as colleagues. Thus, universities and business schools should appreciate the commitment and effort members of the faculty who take on the role of an editor for a top ranked journal invest in this crucial activity. The voluntary work of editors should, thus, be compensated e.g. by a reduced teaching load.

Credit: IFI