IFI survey on additive manufacturing in trade and craft

IFI professor Matthias Fink and IFI researcher Johannes Gartner together with representatives of the Economic Chamber Upper Austria recently presented a survey on the potential of additive manufacturing. Matthias Fink on digital technologies: “Policy makers in companies have to be aware of the fact that technologies are tools which enable a business model and therefore a market offer.  When it comes to entrepreneurial success in digital transformation the business model stands at the beginning – not the technology. That means: technology follows business model!” Johannes Gartner underpinned the importance of a holistic approach: “A digital transformation should not be seen as a sole technical challenge. It always should be handled in cooperation with research institutions taking into account the complete value added chain.” Johannes mentioned as an example the new Open Innovation Center at the JKU where it is possible to try out new technologies together with experts and thus gain valuable experiences. The press talk was featured in local media Tips and LT1.

More information on the press conference and the survy can be found here

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Credit: WKOÖ