IFI researcher at International Conference on Social Enterprises in Budapest

IFI researcher Richard Lang participated in the meeting of the ”COST EMPOWER-SE” project at Corvinus University of Budapest from 16 to 17 January 2019. This network brings together researchers and practitioners from 45 countries who are concerned with advancing and sharing knowledge regarding a sustainable social enterprise eco-system. In Budapest, Richard represented Austria on the Management Committee of the COST initiative and also took part in the working group meeting on the theoretical foundations of social enterprises (SE). This activity is linked to his co-authorship of a chapter featuring the results of an international comparison of cooperative SE that will be published in a forthcoming Routledge book “Social Enterprise in Europe”. The Budapest event also provided a great opportunity to exchange with SE scholars, policy-makers and social entrepreneurs from Hungary.

Picture credit: https://emes.net/news/living-and-sharing-an-empower-se-meeting-through-a-researchers-eyes