Students of Master Course featured in newspaper article

In its latest issue, the newspaper of the Upper Austrian Green Party – “OÖ Planet” – covered a survey undertaken by students of the Master Course “Dimensions of Innovations” delivered by IFI professor Matthias Fink and Robert Bauer, professor at the Institute of Organization Studies. The project team interviewed locals from Linz in the street posing the question “What did you do today in order to reduce your personal carbon dioxide emission?” Interestingly, the 148 responses showed that the most popular methods to reduce emissions were “recycling” and “emission-free locomotion” (42 replies each) followed by “public transport” (31) and “energy-saving actions” (20). Interestingly not even one person responded in the survey that she/he did nothing in order to reduce the personal carbon dioxide emission. The initiative shifted the focus from hypothetical questions “What should be done?” and “What could I do?” towards more involving questions “What have I done?”. This shift significantly contributes to a more action related debate on the reduction of carbon dioxide emission!