“Somnium- Traum einer Nacht” – A memorable night for the Global Business students

For most Global Business students this event was a unique chance to experience a typical Austrian ball.

The Italian, Russian and Austrian Global Business students had the pleasure to spend a glamorous night at this year’s JKU ball hosted in Brucknerhaus. Despite the fact that balls are a common tradition in Austria, this kind of evening event represents an entirely new experience for the international students. Dressing up elegantly, dancing to classical and more contemporary live music, taking numerous pictures, as well as cheering with one or another glass of champagne marked this evening as one of the highlights of their stay in Austria so far. For this occasion, the Global Business team, comprising the head of the innovation management institute (IFI), Prof. Breitenecker, the program manager, Magdalena Dijkhuizen, as well as the program coordinator and professor from the Russian side, Denis Fomenkov, joined as well. One thing is certain, namely that the ball attendants will remember this dreamlike night.

Troika students at the JKU-ball 2018.                                                                                     Photo credit: JKU