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14th Rank in Financial Times Ranking: GBS Master

The Master of Global Business program (ACT) makes the grade for the global Financial Times ranking of the top 95 Master in Management programs.

For the first time,  the Gustavson School of Business (UVic – University of Victoria, Canada), a longtime partner of the JKU, has been included in the ranking of the Financial Times for Masters in Management programs worldwide and was even ranked as 14th for the international course experience that students gain.

This great achievement is a collaborative success which all partner universities are sharing proudly. The JKU has a fruitful longtime partnership with UVic as well as NSYSU (National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan). Together they are offering the joint Master’s degree program in Global Business (ACT pathway), whereby students are studying in a multi-national class setting one year at their home institution and one year at all three partner universities (Austria, Canada and Taiwan). As special asset of the program, students complete an international internship and instruction in a second language as part of their mandatory program requirements. This unique approach of teaching helps students develop a global mindset, cultural awareness and prepares them for international management careers.

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