JKU management group does research on international top level

Die JKU Management group again is the internationally noticed signboard of business-management research at the JKU.

With the impressive number of 15 papers the JKU-Management Group took part at the central forum on international research on organisation – the EGOS conference.  Prior to this the experts of the JKU-Management Group have been at the SASE conference in Lyon – an important forum on social and economic science research – presenting two articles and hosting a mini-conference and a session. In August the next station will be the Academy of Management conference in Atlanta – the worldwide most important symposium in the field of managerial economics.

There the JKU-Management group will present five papers, a Professional Development Workshop focussing on the transfer of science to praxis and a so called Caucus which is a forum to discuss innovative ideas. In the next year the JKU-Management Group will be at the EGOS conference with organising two so called subthemes – the central programme pillars of the conference. For presenting papers and hosting sessions, subthemes and mini-conferences the JKU scientists have to apply competitively.

Being selected for the presentation of a paper at a top-symposium not only increases the visibility of the JKU but also is an important step on the long way to a publication in prestigious professional journals. In light of a rejection rate of approximately 95% the editors of these journals assume that already has been commented on such papers several times and that the papers therefore have been reworked yet before being permitted into the review process. This process then usually lasts again for several years, including multiple barriers where the paper may be rejected. High-ranking publications are more and more decisive measures for success in academic activities. Only results which have been published in the most important journals will be read and cited and will have an impact in the globalized research, politics and praxis.

In this process JKU researchers compete against researchers from international top universities. Regarding teaching and administration research staff at these universities is obliged to fulfil only one fourth of the amount compared to research staff at German speaking universities. Notwithstanding the JKU-Management Group during the last three years succeeded to place eight articles in the worldwide 50 most important journals (Financial Times Top 50). Furthermore several articles of the Management-Group are at present under review at these journals. This is a historic record for managerial economics at the JKU!

Photo: Thomas Gegenhuber, Daniela Maresch und Matthias Fink