Nina Rosenbusch research fellow at the IFI JKU

nina-rosenbusch-research-fellow-at-the-ifi-jkuInnovation management scholar and meta-analysis expert Nina Rosenbusch, Professor at the Wilfrid Laurier University (Canada) joined the IFI JKU team as a research fellow. Nina is well known for her meta-analysis published in outlets such as Journal of Management and Journal of Business Venturing.

Nina joined IFI JKU team for an intensive workshop to further develop a manuscript based on the data collected as part of the Innovation Offshoring Initiative led by IFI faculty member Michael Gusenbauer. Also former IFI faculty member and IFI fellow Isabella Hatak (Link zur Profilseite) from Twente University and Matthias Fink, head of IFI JKU, actively took part in the workshop.

Picture: Wilfrid Laurier University Professor Nina Rosenbusch at the JKU campus together with IFI researcher Michael Gusenbauer