Global Business Partner NSYSU – Financial Times Nr. 1 in Taiwan and Top 10 in Asia

The Master of Business Administration Program in International Business at NSYSU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan is a prestigious program, announced in the Financial Times as Nr. 1 in Taiwan in 2023. Due to the long-standing partnership between the JKU Business School and the NSYSU, JKU students have the opportunity to earn this excellent degree as a continuation of their Global Business Master Studies.

The ´23 ACT group has just arrived to Taiwan on November 20 – feel free to read about the welcome here – hence JKU students could receive first-hand information about their study career from current (Erik Reichl) and alumni (Daniel Aschauer, Daniel Steinberger) JKU NSYSU IBMBA students on November 24, 2023. The event was a great success as it allowed the JKU students to ask their questions straight away and get prepared for their second time in Taiwan. Part of the degree completion is one additional semester upon completing the international phase in Austria. Students are required to re-visit NSYSU for about 4 months, to complete additional courses and to write their master thesis under the supervision of the knowledgeable faculty of NSYSU. The JKU Business School appreciates the on-going support offered to the students. Furthermore, we congratulate our partner on this outstanding achievement and we keep on proudly spreading the word about the greatness of this partnership.

Photo Credit: NSYSU