PAC Students completed their final consulting project in Lima

In January 2022 24 students from 8 different nations (Austria, Canada, China, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, and Nigeria) started their journey at the Gustavson Business School (University of Victoria, Canada). After they learned about the North-American business context, they dove into the European business context focusing on entrepreneurship and sustainability at the JKU Business School (Linz, Austria). This provided them with a great foundation to perform well throughout the 9-week-consulting marathon organized by CENTRUM PUCP in Lima, Peru. Via the lenses of their social entrepreneur clients, Peruvian team mates, and professors, students gained valuable insights into the South-American business context. Every corporate partner enjoyed working with their respective team and feedbacked that they gained applicable, practical, and useful recommendations.

The Global Business Team at JKU congratulates the students on their outstanding achievements!