TROIKA Program 2021/22 – Final consulting projects

Success is best when it’s shared” – Can be a quote which is attributed to our time during our collaboration with the corporate partners of Università degli Bergamo. There were four projects where the students would be faced with an array of challenging circumstances that would impact their teamwork skills and management skills. The basic aim for each of the four teams was the creation and beginning of implementing digital assists such as Crypto-currencies and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The projects were then to assist a wide variety of organisations from different business sectors and connect with the target audience, organisations included “Atalanta Bergamo Football Club” and “Oligold.”  

How were the projects managed?

The teams were made of up to 7 or 8 people from a wide range of academic backgrounds with the aim of delivering the projects. I was in a team where we had to create a “metaverse”, this involved creating a range of games that can engage the traders to create a more positive experience for those traders. To help my group and my colleagues’ projects as well, the corporate partners set up weekly meetings with each team to get feedback on where the teams were in relation to their projects whilst trying to give guidance on how best to approach the work.

Overall whilst working with crypto-currencies and NFTs is not for the writer, the opportunity to work with well-known reputable organisations was a great benefit for all on the Global Business Track as it gave them a wider exposure to these international organisations where they were able to understand the complexities of decision making and the implementation of strategies. These insights therefore help the students to foster international careers in a wide variety of sectors as they are greatly aware of the challenges that they will face as a new graduate.

/Author: Jared Baker – TROIKA 2021/22/