Zero Emission Project “microHUB+” started at the JKU BUS

Hosted by the Institute of Innovation Management, the FFG project “microHUB+ – Concept development for energy efficient microHUBs for Zero Emission Last Mile Distribution” was successfully kicked-off at the JKU Business School on 2021, Oct 7. microHUBs+ addresses an integrated systematic approach of combining energy sector integration, efficient cooling, digital marketplace and zero emission last mile logistics systems. The central idea behind is to bring together different technical innovations and merge them into a novel, scalable and modular product that enables zero emission logistics concepts. The aim is to develop an affordable, reliable, highly efficient, e-mobility ready zero emission logistics solution to enable the deployment of electrified transport supporting the growth of the e-vehicles market. The project team is a transdisciplinary mix of practical, technological, and scientific partners. The project is funded by “The Climate and Energy Fund”. For further information, see the links below: