Trust in auditing – The effects of trust on the auditor-client relationship

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    The assurance provided by auditing services is an important contribution to capital market stability and to the successful interaction between finance and the real economy. In spite of increasingly strict regulations, the accounting sector has recently come under widespread attack for not sufficiently fulfilling its investigatory function, according to critics. To better understand this conflict, WU’s Research Institute for Liberal Professions conducts a study on the role of trust in the auditor-client relationship.
    Trust is often implied to have a negative effect on the auditing process, mainly due to a perceived loss of auditor independence. Recent studies in trust research have shown that trust can have very positive effects on the efficiency and efficacy of exchange relationships, but before now, these results have only rarely been applied to research on auditor-client relations.

    This project aims to close this gap by applying concepts already well-established in trust research to current questions in auditing. An empirical survey of auditor/client pairs will investigate the influence of trust in the relationship on the individual success of the auditor, the individual success of the audited company and the joint success of the auditing relationship.
    On a theoretical level, the economic implications of trust in the relationship between auditor and auditee are a valuable contribution to the recent scientific discourse on the auditing profession and the study’s results will offer interesting conclusions which can be used in future policy-making decisions. On a practical level, these results provide insights on how to use relationship management techniques for a more efficient and effective auditing process.

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    • Matthias Fink

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