Game Survey: Alternative/innovative Surveys via Gamification

  • Project

    Quantitative empirical business research suffers from low levels of participation and falling return rates. This issue is exacerbated, when more sensible topics are surveyed. As the return rate is crucial for the robustness of empirical results and the strength of the implications drawn from them, it is essential to develop innovative methods of data collection.

    One possible solution is to combine entertainment and data collection in one tool that facilitates a so-called ‘Game Survey’. In comparison to traditional techniques of data collection, ‘Game Surveys’ may allow simplified execution of surveys on sensible topics. The entertaining aspect of the game might motivate interviewees to participate, which in turn might result in a higher return rate. Presently, ‘Game Survey’ is tested as part of a research project in the field of business ethics.

  • People

    • Johannes Gartner
    • Isabella Hatak
    • Matthias Fink

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  • Fink, M., Harms, R. & Hatak, I. (2012) The Role of Regulation Versus Self-Commitment in Shaping Researchers’ Behavior. Journal of Business Ethics 109 (4): 569-581.