SCI BALL – Timeless Elegance meets Future Orientation

On the 18th of January, in the middle of the traditional Austrian ball season, the international group of Global Business students had the opportunity to attend the classical JKU ball. As in previous years, the event was hosted in the Brucknerhaus, a famous concert and event venue located directly along the river Danube. Not only the location with its beautiful view caused amazement among many of the Russian and Italian foreign students, but also the sentiment. For many the ball represented a completely new experience, where they had the unique chance to dress elegantly, socialise, listen to classical as well as contemporary music, and of course hit the dance floor. The futuristic theme of the ball meeting the classical elegance also gave an interesting twist to the event, which made it even more remarkable. Obviously, this event did not pass by without many pictures being taken, which will always remind the exchange students of the unique and joyful evening. Photo credit: private